Dan Epand


Dan is a musician and longtime member of the American rock band Nico Vega. He started directing Nico Vega’s music videos because he craved something more inventive and inspired than the treatments the label would push on the band.


Dan brings this sensitivity and awareness when he approaches the work he does with bands.  He knows the kind of things bands and singers care about, and how important subtlety is when it comes to how artists are marketed and represented. He will always push that extra mile to make sure his work feels inspired, unique and connected to the band.


Dan was around the video industry his entire life. His dad, Len Epand is considered a pioneer of the industry, as executive producer for Polygram Records in the 80s and Arista in the 90s. He learned to edit in his dad’s office on old school offline editing machines.


He continues to work as a musician, playing drums in Andy Summers’ (the Police) new project Circa Zero (studio and live), and is drummer/musical director for Jamie N Commons, SUR, and also plays drums with Dawn Richards. Through playing music with these various artists, Dan has acquired an incredible amount of experience working with musicians of various genres and personalities.