SAINt JHN Lets Us In On His Journey With “1999”

SAINt JHN brings the real fun to the amusement park in the video for “1999.” Under overcast skies, the Brooklyn artist and his crew ride through the streets on top of a car, hanging out the windows and trailing on skateboards. As day turns to night, Jhn and his friends unapologetically take over their terrain in style while paying homage to the classic and hardcore feel of the last year of the 90’s.

Over email, SAINt JHN told The FADER, “1999, that’s the year that I woke up. I wasn’t even really writing a song. It was more like revisiting my childhood. I was introducing myself, but with a ‘fuck you’ instead of ‘hello.'”

He continued, “We shot the video in Coney Island. We didn’t mean to, but it ended up looking like a hood version of “Warriors.” All the people in it – that’s my team, GØDD COMPLEXx.”

Forgiveness Premiere

Fallout director Hakim Khalfani and producer Bill Fishman are releasing their new award winning film “Forgiveness” starring Richard T Jones.

“A beloved Pastor works to serve his ‘flock’ and save his 100 year old church. In his dedication and desire to do so, he crosses boundaries that are not to be crossed.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.29.05 AM

Read more about Forgiveness:

Fallout Entertainment releases new music video

Michael Canitrot “Sucker For Your Love”

Directed by: Marcus Herring

Produced by: Bill Fishman / Doug Dearth

Get into the holiday spirit with pop supergroup Band of Merrymakers’ ‘Snow Snow Snow’

Video produced by: Fallout Entertainment / Directed by: Bill Fishman

CF023360_by C. Taylor Crothers

“Snow! We want snow, we want snow, snow, snow!” goes the chorus of the appropriately-titled “Snow Snow Snow” from philanthropic pop supergroup Band of Merrymakers. Catchy? Undoubtedly. Anthemic? Yep. But even more important, despite coming from a handful of adults — in this case Fitz of Fitz and The Tantrums, Mark McGrath, Natasha Bedingfield, Owl City, and Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra — it captures the childish delight of getting in the holiday spirit. (And in the snow.)

According to the band, that’s the point. Griffin, who has written and produced for the likes of Taylor Swift, Sugarland, and James Blunt, and Sam Hollander, who’s done the same for One Direction, The Fray, and Pentatonix, asked themselves last winter, “What happened to those amazing, copyright Christmas songs that you want to play again and again?,” says Griffin.

Hollander echoes the thought: “If you look at it, every year the Christmas records drop and I just feel like it’s one extended Happy Meal. There are a lot of people just cashing a check and phoning it in. This was made out of a completely different goal. It was a labor of love.”

So they wrote “Must Be Christmas” and began approaching their friends to join in. Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, Tyler Glenn of Neon Tress, Fitz, Nick Hexum of 311, Smallpools, The Mowglis, 3oh!3 said yes. They released the single and it took off, so much so that when they decided to start on an album Sony Music Masterworks wanted in. They needed more songs — and more friends.

“I was at a meeting at Soho house and they kind of hijacked my meeting,” British pop powerhouse Natasha Bedingfield remembers with a laugh of getting her invite. “They were like, ‘We know it’s going to sound crazy but hear us out.’ And then they told me about this great idea to make Christmas songs in July.”

In some capacity and arrangement, the group that, in the end features 3OH!3, Alex & Sierra, Andrew McMahon (Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness), Bebe Rexha, Kelley, Christina Perri, Dan Wilson (Semisonic), David Hodges (Evanescence), David Ryan Harris, Firekid, Jason Wade (Lifehouse), Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Fitz, Bedingfield, Hexum, Owl City, Sinclair, Smallpools, Streetcorner Symphony, The Grand Southern, The Mowglis, and Glenn met over the past year to write and record Welcome To Our Christmas Party, an 11-track album of seven original songs and four covers.

“Kevin, Natasha, and I sat down and wrote beginning in April and May,” Hollander says of the process. “And every month we made it a plan to get together and carve out songs. As the weather got warmer, it almost seemed even more ludicrous.” Alex Kinsey of Alex & Sierra in particular endured the Christmas in July workload. “It was super hot,” he remembers of recording “Jingle Bells” and “Oh Holy Night.” “We were jumping on the trampoline and then going in and singing ‘Oh Holy Night’ [laughs].”

Which is not to say these aren’t good songs — they are. In some cases, like Bedingfield’s “Wishlist,” which you’ll soon hear on radio, they are excellent songs. “We’re all songwriters,” Bedingfield says. “[And] that was the goal: to write actually good songs. Just kind of boiling it down, when you’re writing a song about Christmas you’re thinking about what Christmas is really about, that’s what we were trying to capture.”

The Band of Merrymakers, for all its fun, is also coated in good. A donation is being made to MusiCares from each album sold. “We wanted to bring some mirth back to the world,” Hollander says. “You can’t really overstate the effect they have in musicians’ lives,” Griffin says of the non-profit that provides resources to members of the music community in financial, health, or personal duress. “Musicians don’t have 401Ks, they don’t have health care — it’s a great organization to be involved with.”

Today, EW is excited to share the video for “Snow Snow Snow.” The clip, replete with ugly Christmas sweaters, amazing Santa suits, and a cameo from Andrew Keegan is streaming below. 

Little Big Man, HAK, Wins First Best Feature Film HBO Award, Preps For Next Screening At The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival


Let’s take a stroll back down memory lane, back to the last few days of Black History Month in February 2015. I was one of the primary media outlets that was covering one of the largest Black Film Festivals, the Pan African Film Festival, which is held every year at the Rave Cinemas in Baldwin Hills Plaza located in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.

The entire week was filled with much bliss and memorable moments as I explored the history, art, and culture of our African American ancestry, along with thousands of other Africans and African Americans. In addition to the vast amount of culture that you are able to experience inside the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, the main purpose of the festival is to come out and support independent film makers who create films about and for Black people.

One film in particular that caught my attention was entitled, Forgiveness. Forgiveness can be classified as Tyler Perry meets Quentin Tarantino type of film. The movie is faith based, but with enough twist and turns that only Quentin could keep up with this storyline. It was debuted in the middle of festival on February 12 in a standing room only, packed theater. This film is about local Pastor who works to serve his ‘flock’ and save his 100-year-old church from financial hardship and foreclosure.  In his dedication and desire to do so, he crosses boundaries that are not to be crossed.   After watching the film and Q&A, and meeting this little 5’7” director, Hakim A. Khalfani (HAK), who’s nickname, hip hop style, his solemnity and witty personality reminds me of the legendary writer/ director Spike Lee, I’ve kept my eyes on HAK and this film.

HAK recently held another festival screening for Forgiveness at “Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival #MVAAFF” on August 13.  This engaging, well-written and directed film was the talk of the festival.  With Spike Lee in attendance, and honoring the filmmakers at the festival, Forgiveness received the HBO award for the 2015 “BEST FEATURE FILM”.  Like Spike, HAK is also a graduate of Morehouse College, with a degree in Finance.  After several years working in Corporate America, HAK started screenwriting in 1999, while rooming with Blackish creator, writer, and executive producer, Kenya Barris.   By 2004, HAK wrote a script called, White Boy Rick, a true story of a young white teenage cocaine kingpin in Detroit, during the murder capital days of the 1980’s.  With this script, HAK took meetings with Antoine Fuqua, Mark Walberg, George Furla, Paul Rosenburg, Stan Lathan, and Russell Simmons.  He would later work with Russell Simmons on the movie, Waist Deep, directing his first music video, Guttaville.   After directing his first and only music video, HAK landed his first job to write and direct in his first feature film, 4 LIFE, starring Wood Harris and Elise Neal, distributed by CodeBlack / Lionsgate.

The writing, acting, directing, and the production of Forgiveness was done with style and taste.   Not only is HAK a talented and intelligent filmmaker, he had an amazing cast and crew, in addition to some great set locations.   This epic drama features quite a few familiar faces, such as Richard T. JonesRobinne Lee, Alan Maldanado, Adam Lazarre-White, Maya Dunbar, Inny Clemons, Charles Malik WhitfieldKelly Pendygrapht, and Tico Wells. Forgiveness is a must see film. 

Article: Shopisticated Relations

Directed by Kevin Lin, and produced by Brett Kerr.

A few weeks after he sat down with DJBoothTV for our Inside the Verse series, Luke Christopher treats fans to a freshly-minted set of visuals for Ms. Holy Water. A standout selection off of his reader-acclaimed TMRW TMRW PT. II project, the record features the RCA-signee displaying his producing, songwriting, rapping and singing talents in a catchy, storytelling manner. The Kevin-Lin-directed video utilizes a cinematic one-shot approach that follows Luke as he attempts to find the elusive girl of his dreams. Do yourself a favor and go download TMRW TMRW PT.

Directed by Marcus Herring, and produced by Bill Fishman & Brett Kerr. DON BROCO have released a super-slick video for a new single ‪‎Automatic‬. Anyone else want to go on holiday after watching this? Take a seat and enjoy the beginning of summer!


Phillip Phillips – “Unpack Your Heart” from Fallout Entertainment on Vimeo.

Director Petros and Producer Christopher Salzgeber.

“Phillip Phillips goes a bit fantastical with his just-released “Unpack Your Heart” music video. Lifted from his Behind The Light sophomore album, the clip sees the American Idol season 11 champ step into the dazzling purple suit of Willy Wonka: anyone else feeling that serious Charlie & The Chocolate Factory vibe, too?
While possessing a delightfully airy charm, the music video unfolds like a child’s dream—a box marked with a heart (a metaphor for your own blood-pumping organ) eventually explodes, revealing all sorts of magical secrets. Once the inner light is unleashed, Phillips is surrounded by mountains, sparkling waterfalls and a vibrant rainbow. “Bring all you are,” Phillips sings, “bring your daylight, bring your dark. Share your silence and unpack your heart.” When you open up, you’ll find your life is that much lighter.”

“All in all it’s a cute production.”

THEDECEMBERISTS – MAKEYOUBETTER from Fallout Entertainment on Vimeo.

Director Bill Fishman and Producers Brett Kerr & Doug Dearth.

“The Decemberists have unveiled the silly new visuals for “Make You Better” starring Parks and Recreations’ resident steak-eating man’s man, Ron Swanson — er, sorry — Nick Offerman. Running for almost seven minutes, the Bill Fishman-directed clip plays out like a Between Two Ferns-meets-Anchorman spoof, where the band visits a ’70s-era German talk show called The Old Blue Rock Palace Show. Offerman plays a bumbling interviewer who keeps screwing up everyone’s names, including the song title’s (“Make Me Butter”), while simultaneously trying to make amends with his blonde producer love interest. “Colon” Meloy’s white overalls and porn-star beard are pretty impressive, too.

Watch the clip above, and grab the Decemberists’ What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World on January 20.”


Brief performance exists at the intersection of humor and pain
“We know Nick Offerman best as a man’s man, a man of few words whose stoicism rarely betrays the emotions within. And that’s why the times when he does express an ounce of sadness or regret cut a little bit deeper. In this video for the Decemberists’ “Make You Better,” Offerman gets laughs as a fumbling German talk show host interviewing lead singer Colin Meloy. But it’s his portrayal of longing and insecurity that makes the performance memorable.

Though he’s all moustache and bravado on the outside, Offerman’s character faces that familiar pain of unrequited love, and a nerve too weak to proclaim it. As he struggles to find the right words, the Decemberists play a song of need and regret to match the shape of his wound. The premise is funny, but the execution, a little bit heartbreaking.

“Make You Better” appears on the forthcoming album What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, which drops on Jan. 20.”

Band of Merry Makers – “MUST BE CHRISTMAS” from Fallout Entertainment on Vimeo.

Director Bill Fishman and Producer Doug Dearth help you to get into the holiday spirit with the latest from Band of Merrymakers !!

An amazing project with a rotating-cast Yuletide supergroup that currently features Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees, Fitz of Fitz & the Tantrums, Nick Hexum of 311, Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra, Smallpools, the Mowgli’s, 3OH!3, Sinclair and the Honeymoons.

“Kevin [Griffin] and I have both been blessed to work with some of the most wonderfully gracious people in the business,” songwriter Sam Hollander tells Billboard. “This song was truly a family affair.”

A portion of sales from “Must Be Christmas,” available on iTunes now, will benefit the MusiCares Foundation.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas !!